Monday, January 26, 2009

Banner Love ~

I'm lovin' my cute little ~banner~

I'm still learning all the ins and outs of blogland. Some of it is easy~peasy but some of it is just downright mind bogglin! I tried to figure out how to do my own was w~a~y over my head! My 13 year old granddaughter, Ashlei was over tonight and I casually asked her if she knew anything about blogs, banners, etc. I was amazed when she said "SURE" just like that-- no big deal! She also told me that she has her own blog and went on to ask, "Are you on Blogger, MeMe?" Ummm, I guess...
I asked her if she could help me with a banner. In a few minutes, she walked back through my front door and started snapping photos. I was sidetracked in deep conversation with my daughter and not really paying attention to the little shutterbug.
The next thing I knew she was asking me which photos I liked the best. She had actually taken several photos of our family room and my little studio/office area. She went on to make a "vintage looking" background for the banner and added the two pictures that we decided on. Next, she was muttering something about HTML...whatever that is!
She played around on her laptop for a few minutes and the next thing I knew she had picked up my laptop and handed it to me...VOILA! New banner!! I love it!
Kids! They are just too smart these days!


Anonymous said...

love the banner! cute!

Mary said...

Oh these kids!...She did a great
job! I am new to blogging too and I am in East Texas! This weather is crazy right now...but just give it a few days..:)

Mary said...

Oh these kids!...she did a great job! I am new to blogging too and am from East Texas!...the weather has been crazy lately but just give it a few days...:)