Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here goes...I'm finally doing this! I've been thinking about it for about six months...starting a blog, that is! I have been lurking about reading lots of blogs for months...enjoying every minute of it, I admit. I haven't even done so much as leave a comment on a blog and I have several faves. When I figure out this blog stuff, I will list my favorite blogs as well as begin commenting . My first experience with blogland was reading and admiring Tina's Cherry Hill Cottage blog -- she is awesome!

Being a novice at this, I'm not sure where to start but it seems logical to start by introducing myself and telling you a little about Simplicity Cottage.

My name is Donna. I've been married to Mr. Simplicity for almost 38 two short days it will be 38 years...and "they" said it wouldn't last!

We have two children, Rickey our son and Joei our daughter. We are blessed to have three of the sweetest grandchildren around -- Ashlei, Aiden and Hunter. Ashlei and Aiden are Joei's kiddos and Hunter is Rickey's boy.

I am a little hesitant mentioning that our family includes a few "four-legged" babies, too! I am an animal lover and from the time I was just a kid, I can never, ever remember not having at least a couple of pets. Anyway...I have five (yes, FIVE!) dogs. I'm admitting this because I'm sure you will see them lounging around when I post photos. So there you go -- I've said it -- FIVE DOGS! Does anyone else out there have as many (or MORE)?? I guess I didn't do well with an empty nest...

Speaking of nests...I live in my dream cottage. We started building in October 2005 and moved in June 2006. We moved from a BIG house in the city (Dallas) to a small cottage in the country out in East Texas. We love it here and have never looked back.

I love flea markets, garage sales, yard sales and estate sales and am always looking for old stuff or something to repurpose! I have always loved antiques. For a few years while still in Dallas, I had a space in the Grapevine Antique Mall. I had more fun buying and selling, was another space to decorate. The only problem was, I soooo enjoyed the shopping and buying that I usually ended up keeping MORE than I sold!
When we moved from our BIG city house to our teeny-tiny country cottage, I decided to SIMPLIFY...that's when Simplicity Cottage was born...


Cathy Cobblestone said...

Hi There - thanks so much for stopping by to visit me!! I really appreciate it - and in return I paid a visit to your cute site. Your house is darlin' - we'd get along well - I love flea markets and making things. Nice to read about your family and "four-legged friends". Amazing how those lil' fellows can take center stage in our lives sometimes. Many blessings to you and good luck blogging. Cathy said...

Welcome to blog world!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about blogging too. i own a beach cottage and found your blog when I googled "cottage"

I also have several dogs. Five big ones that are mine forever and 3 that I am fostering. I always have atleast 8 dogs. * dogs is my limit. My cottage won't hold any more than that.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm meeting so many nice people.

I live in Michigan, along Lake Huron, and yes, it's cold here! Yesterdays high was 4 degrees and we got about 4 inches of snow. Sometimes I'll see the Canadian Geese swimming in the lake, with chunks of ice floating around them, and wonder how they do it. You'd think their feet would turn to ice!

Good luck with your blog, and I'll check back often. In the meantime, I'm going to check out some of your favorite blogs!