Tuesday, February 3, 2009

From Russia with BuLLdoG love...

These are cute...

These are CUTER...all gussied up in their finery.

There's nothing cuter than a litter of Bulldog Puppies...Ahhhh...look at those adorable mugs! Too cute, huh?
In my eyes and heart this is the cutest and sweetest, most lovable Li'l Bulldog...EVER...she's my baby! I love her so much.
This is a sad story about a sweet little bulldog who came all the way from Russia...
On July 1, 2008, as I was checking my email, I opened an email and saw the faces of several beautiful English Bulldog puppies. My interest was piqued immediately. So before I realized what I was doing, I was clicking on the link to a Bulldog website.
OhMyGosh...I saw her sweet little face on the website. She was adorable! The website claimed that they had the healthiest, home raised, champion bloodline puppies puppies to be found. I "found" her on the website on July 4, 2008. It was ~Bulldog LUB~ at first sight! I couldn't stop thinking of her.
So...I walked over to Joei's house and told her to go to the website and look at the puppy named "Rosebud". She did! And it was on! She did exactly what I knew she would...she convinced me that "we" should go get the puppy! Joei has an English Bulldog, Chloe and I love her and have wanted my own since Joei got Chloe. OK! The easy part is over...Joei and I decide we are going to get the puppy.
Now all I had to do was convince Mr. Simplicity that I must have this puppy! The thing is...I wasn't convinced myself that I needed another puppy...I knew I didn't, but I couldn't get her sweet face out of my head.
I just happened to remember a little conversation I'd had with Mr. S a few weeks prior. You see had recently purchased a fancy,shiney, new motorcycle. When I mentioned that he didn't need the motorcycle...his response was something like, it's not always about need, sometimes it's about want. OK...Time for me to try this "want" thing on him...right?
After a lot of talking...the beggin' and pleadin' kind of talk...and reminding him that it's not always about need...I finally convinced Mr. S that I should have this sweet puppy. He finally gave in...hmm...actually he really never came right out and said "yes" but he had stopped saying "no". And that was good enough for me! It was all I needed to run next door and tell Joei to get ready..."we are going to get my puppy!" The puppy was about 80 miles from us. We were so excited...so off we went. ~~~ZoomZoomZoom~~~

We had made prior arrangements to meet the seller at a park to see the sweet puppy "in person". OhMyGosh!! I knew she was the ONE before I even picked her up. It was truly LUB at first sight! She was an adorable, bouncing butterball...so darn cute! We made the deal on "Rosebud" (her name on the Internet) and hurriedly got back into the car and started the trip back to the cottage. It was so hot on the day we got her, over 100 degrees in the shade...after all, it was July 4th! The trip home was long and stinky! "Rosebud" needed a bath in a big way! Not only did she need a bath, she was coughing a bit and her skin had little sores on it. Hmm, thinking to myself...is this really a healthy puppy??
It was on the way home that I started second-guessing the honesty of the lady I had gotten this poor, sweet puppy from. But I am a skeptic...however, I kept thinking if I were raising puppies in my home, there is NO way they would smell this bad, they would be clean! There were other little things that kept gnawing at me but I let them go because we were getting close to home and I had a puppy to bathe...
Tune in tomorrow for part 2 of this story...


Nicole ~ said...

She is precious, and I am so glad you saved her. It does not sound like the breeder took care of that sweet baby. And, who would go to meet a potential buyer without giving her a bath?? I do not like the sound of these people, I cannot wait for part 2.

Sorry, can you tell I am an animal lover?????

Make Mine A Maltese! said...

Anxiously awaiting Part 2 of the story....My hubby has a shiny red Harley, that's why I keep getting more dogs....he keeps buying motorcycles, I keep rescuing dogs....Works for me!

Leslie :))