Wednesday, February 18, 2009

IT's ReaLLy NO BiGGie...

For real! It's a teeny, tiny kitchen...just like I like it!I think the photo above is the one that piqued some interest in my kitchen. I've had several requests to show more. I hope you won't be disappointed...there's really not much more...It's an itty, bitty cottage kitchen.
This photo was taken standing at the end of the kitchen island...this photo shows 90% of the kitchen...hmm maybe 95%...I told you it is isty bitsy!
This photo was taken about 2 baby steps forward from the last photo. This vintage chest has been my kitchen island in my last two homes. The drawers are the best! You wouldn't believe how deep and wide they are...I can get tons of kitchen stuff in there! I bought it many years ago in the Design District of Dallas. It has the original old paint on it. I wax it with bee's wax twice a year to protect it and seal the old paint which probably has lead in it!These are some of my favorite things. A Lloyd Loom hamper, a vintage picnic tin and a cute framed cottage litho with a thermometer! This trio is at the end of my kitchen, next to the French doors that lead out onto our grilling deck...we love to grill and wanted a deck close to the kitchen for our smoker and bbq grill. The photos above are of the other end of the kitchen island. See my cute little cook stove? It does just as good a job as a big one! I love big ol' ironstone trays...especially this one. It holds all my cooking oils, salt 'n pepper and other often used spices.
I wanted to show this photo with my Ikea lights turned on. I saw these lights at the Frisco, TX Ikea right after they opened a few years ago. I loved them but had no idea where I could use them. I didn't even live at Simplicity Cottage then. We were still in Dallas (ugh!) The next time I went to Ikea, they were calling my name! I bought 2 of them not having any clue what I would do with them. I just knew I loved them! They were in storage for a long time. One of those sleepless know what I mean...we ALL have them. Anyway, it came to me...the next morning, I measured and it was a perfect fit!
Oh, almost forget to mention the upper cabinet. I purchased it from the Canton Flea Market. It came out of an old General Store in Ohio. I got it for almost it in my kitchen! I love the glass sliding doors!
I bought an old red door several years it out at the Canton Flea Market, too....don't ask me why I bought it...the chippy, peeling paint probably! It stayed in our garage for the longest time. I don't know if you noticed, or not but I don't have much wall space in my little kitchen...I decided to wash it up and bring it in...more bee's wax, I'm sure it has leaded paint, too! I slid it in right between refrigerator and the farmhouse sink. VOILA! extra wall!! I hung my paper towels, a towel ring, a hook for hot pads and my favorite old dime store print on the old door. And don't you just love the color? This is the counter top area right next to my old soap, pot scrubbers, hand lotion, etc...on top of an old brown and white calico platter.
Now you know it's hard for me to go without talking about those dogs o' mine. Just check out this cute old Staffordshire dog cookie stores doggie cookies for good li'l pooches! This is my favorite corner in the kitchen. The little pine plate rack is from England. I didn't have a wall it would fit on. Mr. S had a fix for that! He "MacGyvered" it to fit in my little corner between the two kitchen windows.
This is a view of the other side of the front of the other window. This window is next to the upper cabinet...
This is just down the counter from the little corner plate rack. The cabinet above holds our microwave and toaster. We also keep paper plates, napkins, paper towels, etc. in this cabinet.More of my favorite things...old ironstone and brown 'em!
Oh...and here's Maggie on the 'fridge reminding me what "not" to feed her! Ashlei made the heart for me several years ago for Valentine's Day! Another of my favorite things! for the last two photos. I am crazy for farmhouse sink skirts. The skirt that I have on my old sink is REVERSIBLE. I had it made with a Fall/Winter side and Spring/Summer side. I am so ready for Spring...I've already changed the skirt to the Spring side. Look at the photos below and tell me which side you like the best...OK?
Are you a Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter?


jen said...

They are both fabulous, but I LOVE the fall winter. I was so excited to scroll through your photos!! I adore you kitchen!!


Nicole ~ said...

I love your kitchen!! I think it is such a great idea to use furniture pieces as islands, and your dresser looks like it is custom made for that spot!!! OK, the farmhouse sink is wonderful!! The shelf above the sink is also wonderful!! The plate rack from England is adorable, I want one too!! Your kitchen looks wonderful, you did a really good job putting it together.

I almost forgot, I think I like the fall/winter. But, then again I like how the spring/summer blends so well with the lights above it. I think I would choose spring/summer.

Anonymous said...

I love your cottage! I am so jealous! So much fun and so creative! Your kitchen is fantastic!

Hidden Springs Farm said...

Your kitchen is adorable! It is so cozy and I love all of the personal touches. You have surrounded yourself with much loved items and you have done such a great job of it! It reminds me so much of the farmhouse kitchen in our previous home ... makes me nostalgic. I think I will post some pics of the "old" house!

Susan said...

I love both sides of the skirt! Your kitchen is beautiful and perfect!

Pink Slippers said...

I think your teeny, tiny, cottage kitchen is great.

trash talk said...

So much to comment on...where to begin? Fall/Winter because I have that fabric too! I love it. Your kitchen may be tiny(I may have you beat though) but you have utilized every square inch of it to the ninth! I am so impressed. Not a wasted inch. I love all the lighting, both the ikea and the pendants. The red door is just a wonderful idea. Your husband must be a dream come make everything fit! Where in the Design District did you shop? I was in City View for the longest. Ok, I'm just rambling now, but your kitchen is Fab U Lous! Debbie

Artsy Fartsy said...

I love it, yes... we do have the same taste!!!! The dresser is the best!! I want a Cottage!! Can;t wait for more pics.
Many Blessings,

Donna said...

I don't even know where to start on how much I LOVE about your kitchen! It's cozy and charming and I would love to be cooking meals out of that kitchen any time! You have got it decorated so beautifully... I love the vintage touches (I love decorating with vintage and 50's items)... but I'm equally in love with your IKEA lights. I so want to get in my car and head to IKEA right now to look for something along that line for my kitchen (which is desperately dark!).. What I wouldn't give for those two windows you have! BEAUTIFUL job - I every last little detail!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

2L3Bs World said...

Such a lovely kitchen you got there.. So homey and I would love to sit there while sipping hot green tea and honey biscuits with butter..

Cottage Rose said...

What a great kitchen, thank you for showing us.
I like the spring curtain the best.
Love your wall cabinet above the sink.
It is all great, so much warmth and character.
Next time you visit my blog, go check out on my fav blogs... this vintage life. Really nice english lady who has a totally free standing kitchen, it`s fabulous!

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Thank you for the great favorite thing is your sink! I long for one just like that! OHHHH and your new clock is priceless!
Have a wonderful day!
P.S> I think I am a Spring / Fall!! LOL

glimpse of my world said...

Thankd for the tour!! I love it... Hey. .. are u coming to Canton this weekend to Laurie Anna's spring show? If so, we should do lunch!


kath@retromantic antiques said...

OK I am in LOVE with your kitchen. We will be doing a remodel/restore to ours soon and I am going to keep in mind all your great idea. Also thanks so much for your sweet note about my kitty. kath

Wanda said...

Your kitchen is proof positive that beauty and charm don't have to be big. I am so jealous of your vintage chest you use for your island. I would love to have an old fashion kitchen with free standing cupboards and such that you could move about. And I must compliment you on the amount of wonderful things you have so artfully displayed, it looks like a magazine layout.

Brenda@Spareminute cottage said...

I love your kitchen it is adorable!!

Patti Cakes said...

It may be tiny but it's lovely. I think my kitchen is fairly small compared to most homes. But then my entire house is small.

Love your 'hot' over the stove.

nikkicrumpet said...

A kitchen doesn't need to be big when it's crammed pack full of so much charm it just oozes out of every nook and cranny! I can't believe how beautiful and fun your kitchen is. The island is amazing with that old dresser built in. I love the door on the side of the fridge...and the crowning touch is that adorable skirt under the old sink. I think the spring/summer one matches the IKEA lights the best...but I am a total sucker for toile. Either way I am a HUGE fan of this adorable kitchen!!!


I think your kitchen is just adorable, I love those old farm house sinks, and I like both sides of the skirt but I guess I'm a fall/winter girl cause I liked the second one best(; Thanks for coming over to check on me, I do believe your the only one, I have been trying to get some things done here and if I get on the comp it's hard to get off, LOL, so I thought I would take a little break but I can hardly stand it!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Okay, I'm in love with your kitchen!!!

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

What a darling kitchen you sweet and glad I found your blog.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh how lucky you are, to be 'empty nesters' in a little cottage. My dream. Won't happen, but I love it, that this dream comes true, for some people.

You are lucky, my Dear! We're still in house in which we raised our family, and it's too big. And for a number of reasons, we'll stay here. But I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvve blogs about cottages. :-)

Aunt Amelia
"Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death." ~Anais Nin