Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More to come when the sun is shining ~ or Ashlei gets home from school

I started to do my kitchen post but when I commenced taking pictures, there was a glare on everything because it is dark outside. I'm going to take some pics tomorrow when the sun is shining and I can turn off my flash!
Ashlei just came over...she decided to spend the night with me...she took some photos that are great (dadgum 13 year old!) but it's past her bedtime and her mom would not approve of her being up at 11:30 pm helping MeMe with a blog! Shhh! Don't tell Joei! Oh yeah, Ashlei's mom would yell at both of us!
I will post more kitchen photos tomorrow...Good night!


curiousgoods said...

Thanks for the comment on the rusty ice. We will look forward to seeing you in Malakoff on Saturday! :) We have been so busy that I have not been bloggin,,,, bad bad Donna!

trash talk said...

What would we do without the young 'uns to help with these dadgum computers. Hurry up with the photos. Debbie

Pink Slippers said...

I think your cottage sign is ADORABLE!