Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From Russia with BuLLdoG Love Part 3

Punkie Brewster! Look at that cute freckled tummy!
I have NEVER for one minute regretted getting Punkie. It was meant to be. She knows that I "rescued" her...she's my baby! You may be wondering why I call her "Punkie Brewster". I added "Brewster" when I discovered that she is kind of an orphan. We call her Punkie most of the time but she'll come to P.B., Punkie B, Punkie-Punk and Chunky Punkie! She is chunky!

Punkie takes medicine like a trooper. Ummm...especially when it's coated with peanut butter or covered with cheese or even wrapped in thin sliced lunch meat. Punkie loves to eat. And it shows! She also loves her yogurt...she has DanActive yogurt with immune booster in it every day.

When puppies are taken from the mother dog too early...before they are naturally weaned, their immune systems suffer tremendously. And it can affect them for the rest of their life. Immune systems are very important! Punkie's immune system continues to be weak because she was taken from her mother at such an early age.

After taking almost two weeks of the prescribed antibiotics, immune booster and respiratory treatments, Punkie was still sick. A little better, but not making the progress that Dr. C was expecting. Dr. C and Dr. S had me bring her in for an examination and more tests. After they examined her and read the results of the new tests they consulted with each other and came up with another antibiotic "cocktail". They explained that sometimes bacteria becomes tolerant to some medications. If you change antibiotic, it "confuses" the bacteria and gives the new drugs the opportunity to grab hold of the bacteria and gain control of the host's system.

Never losing faith that Punkie would get better...I had new hope. Punkie and I got into the car with a bag full of new medicine. Punkie talked me into stopping at Burger King for a kids meal. Punkie loves cheeseburgers -- cut the onions!
Punkie took her new medicine just as prescribed and we continued with her respiratory treatments. The docs told me that it would take 24-72 hours to see a change...after four days...no change. I'm not losing my faith...Punkie WILL get better. I kept convincing myself that we just haven't found the right antibiotic concoction.
I started researching on the Internet and reaching out for help from other people who had purchased puppies from "D". I found several women who were happy to help. They put me in touch with their vets, emailed me with the name of medications and faxed me reports from surgeons who had performed tracheal washes on their puppies to identify the strain of bacteria causing the illness.
I called my wonderful vets and scheduled another appointment for Punkie. They wanted me to come right away. I put all my research information together and we took off. The docs poured through the information and even phoned one of the other vets. Yeah, my vets ROCK!
They explained that there is a new drug...not recommended for puppies but it is a kick-butt full spectrum antibiotic. They feel sure it will work. It could make the bones in Punkie's legs sore but that would be the worst side-effect she might have. They had to warn me that it is not approved for use in puppies under a year old...but they recommend that we try it.
Zeniquin. A magic bullet...Yes, we will try it.
The good thing about the magic bullet is that it has been proven to be effective within 72 hours. I was hopeful, yet skeptical.
After the first day, I thought I could see improvement but I kept thinking that it was wishful thinking. Second day, I thought...yeah, I'm almost sure the Zeniquin is working...it hasn't even been 72 hours. I remain reserved in my thoughts but remain hopeful that she is improving. By the middle of the third day, I am no longer skeptical, reserved...and the wishful thinking has turned to positive thinking. Punkie is better! For the first time, she is not coughing, her breathing is no longer labored, no snotty nose...Punkie is getting well!
That night Punkie slept through the night. I put her into our bed and she slept in the same spot until the next morning. She had never slept through the night because she would have to get up and move around many times throughout the night because she was having trouble breathing.
I called her vets that morning and reported that the Zeniquin was working. The full recommended dosage was for 14 days. They reminded me to make sure she took the whole prescription. NO reminder needed, she will take all the magic bullets for sure! We were ALL so happy.
Punkie continued to show improvement all week long. After she finished ALL her antibiotic, we went back for more blood work...it came back clear. Punkie is well...she has been off antibiotics since the end of October 2008. It took three months to get her well!
Punkie suffers from an occasional skin problem or ear infection, but the pneumonia and upper respiratory infection - gone! She also has a couple of genetic problems that we "deal" with. All-in-all she is healthy. Punkie has been medication free since the end of October 2008. Yippee! She is my constant shadow. Where I go...Punkie goes! She even gets in the walk-in shower with me!
Ahhh! Bulldog Love...


Nicole ~ said...

I am so glad and thankful that she made a complete recovery. It breaks my heart to think how many animals are suffering out there. I am just horrified that there are evil people out there like "D"!!!

Well, I must say, she is one beautiful girl!!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Yay! I'm so happy to hear Punkie's treatment was successful. It's so sad to know that there are people like the horrible miss D that don't care about animals at all. I'm so glad there is you...Punkie's Angel.

Susan said...

I need more tissues! I am glad you baby is all better! Thank you for telling us about Punkie!

Susan S. said...

I am SO glad that Punkie has gotten better. That is so heartbreaking to see them sick. They trust in us so much to take care of them and it hurts me if my dog or cat is hurting. Give Punkie a BIG HUG for me.

Patti Cakes said...

How sweet. I'm glad she is better. That's so wonderful.

Cottage Rose said...

Oh my what a story! how lucky was Punkie ! Judge Judy would have a field day with d in her court!
I dont understand how punkie got into the states, don`t you have quarantine there? Any imported dog into Australia stays in quarantine for 6 months.
A horror story with a very happy ending, you are a good person!


I love happy endings, thank goodness YOU fell in love with that face, she has a good Mommy! I put Lulu's pic on the sidebar of my blog, she is sitting up in the basket, the other pic where she is laying down didn't look as cute, stop by and look at it when you get a chance (; The basket is a tall basket she had to climb onto the chair to get in it! They are so funny, by the way she has done this more than once, I guess it was pretty comfy, LOL.


Thanks Donna,
I wish we lived closer too! Yes I am sure the two of them would have a blast! Punkie's face reminds me of Lulu. I also had some problems with Lulu when she was little, luckily at the time I worked for a vet and he had to do surgery on her tail, it was called a corkscrew and they had to cut it, so she really has no tail. Thanks for your sweet comments on my house too (; Talk soon.